Some of the Industries served by our Steam Turbines:
  Sugar Plants
  Rice Industry
 Solvent Extraction Plants & Refiners
 Steel Plants
  Dairy & Agro Products
  Cement Industry
  Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  Edible Oil
  Textiles / Textile Processing
  Paper Plants
  Fertilizers Industry
  Nuclear Plants
  • Paper

    Kessels is a revered name in the paper and pulp industry, with installations in some of the most prominent paper companies in India.

    Capable of accepting low inlet pressure steam, while providing the safety and continuity of operation, the extraction steam for process requirements in the paper and pulp industry is handledeffortlessly, even during low inlet pressure conditions, by Kessels Extraction Condensing Steam Turbines. This capability is made possible, by use ofstrong, heavy framesand wider & thicker blade roots, confirming theabilityof the turbine to accommodate extra volumes of steam without tripping, ensuring continuous power generation.

  • Petrochemicals

    Specially designed API 611 & API 612 Steam Turbines are at work in a respectable number of State owned oil refineries in India, and in a large number in the Middle East.

    The application of these Single Stage machines to drive critical equipment in a refinery, and Multi Stage machines to provide for standalone power call for the highest standards of engineering to ensure minimal downtime and optimize plant performance.

  • Edible Oil

    Kessels has, over the years, supplied and successfully installed Single and Multi stage Steam Turbines in their Back Pressure and Extraction Condensing modes to a growing number of companies in the Edible oil industry. These Turbines ensure rugged and reliable operation in generating power, while successfully providing steam for the various process requirements in the form of exhaust steam with a Back Pressure Turbine and in the form of extracted steam with a Condensing Turbine.

    The type and configuration of the steam turbine best suited to the plant's needs is analyzed and carefully studied by Kessels to make certain the optimal solution is delivered.