Back Pressure Steam Turbine

Back pressure turbines are available in single stage or multi-stage options. Primarily, this kind of turbine is used as a reducing station between boiler unit and the process steam header. Back pressure turbines are commonly employed in industrial plants where a large quantity of steam is required.

Their straight-back pressure nature makes them useful in applications where exhaust steam is fully utilized to meet process demands. The electrical power generated in the process is consumed as per the process steam demand.

Two main applications of a Back Pressure turbine.

  1. For drive application
    Popularly used in (Sugar mills, Sugar fibrizor, Shredder drive, Pump drives and so on)
  2. For power generation application
    Used as to generate electricity by powering the generator.

Bleed cum Back-Pressure Steam Turbines

Bleed Points or uncontrolled extraction vents in steam turbines enable steam extraction within a medium pressure range. i.e Bleeding Steam is practically possible at low volume steam demands and when there is a high tolerance for pressure variations. Kessels turbines are built on both bleed and back pressure mechanism.

Extraction cum Back-Pressure Steam Turbines

If there is a need for steam extraction when the process steam demand volume is high and tolerance for pressure variations is minimal, steam turbines with one controlled extraction vent can be very effective.

These work under intermediate pressure levels.