Industry and Applications
Some of the Industries served are:
  • Sugar
    Kessels provides for a complete solution for running of a sugar plant with its varied product range of made-to-order application specific Steam Turbines. FromSingle Stage Steam Turbinesutilized for driving critical equipment such as mills, fibrizors, knives and boiler feed pumps, to large Multi Stage Steam Turbines for generating power; Kessels covers all your varied requirements up to a single installed capacity of 30MW.The flexibility offered by Kessels' large Double Extraction CondensingMultistage Turbinesensures Sugar Co-Gen plants get steam for process during the sugar crushing season and power available throughout the year, during off and on season.

    More than 150 Sugar mills spread across the sugar producing states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India, and over 15 countries in the World, are benefitting from the expertise of Kessels in Steam Turbine Technology.
  • Steel
    Kessels has been a regular supplier of Steam Turbines to big steel plants in India; generating valuable power from waste heat gasses from blast furnaces. Kessels provides for the most efficient condensing turbines, achieving the best recorded steam consumption rates in the steel industry, in the power range of 4 – 30 MW.

    The reliability and excellent performance of Kessels machines account for over 30 installations in Sponge Iron, Steel and Ferro Alloy plants, ranking among the top OEMs in prominent consultancy firms.
  • Cement
    Kessels is one of the few Original Equipment Manufacturers of Steam Turbines in the world, to design and manufacture ultra-low pressure steam turbines in their extraction condensing and injection condensing modes. The modern setups of Cement plants require various low pressure injections for maximum utilization of steam, minimizing wastage and optimizing the plant operations with the additional power available.

    The flexibility in design, innovative &efficient steam paths and rugged base load character of Kessels Turbines makes possible for power generation with large volumes of steam having low inlet pressures, required in various industries.
  • Biomass
    Kessels has one of the most successful Steam Turbo-Generator sets currently in operation in the Biomass Independent Power Plant (IPP) industry up to a range of 30 MW.

    This standalone power plant for power generation is best served by an extremely efficient Condensing type Steam Turbine with a rugged frame and a slow speed,base load operationwhich ensures a long life spanning decades, while guaranteeing safe operation and low maintenance.
  • Paper
    Kessels is a revered name in the paper and pulp industry, with installations in some of the most prominent paper companies in India.

    Capable of accepting low inlet pressure steam, while providing the safety and continuity of operation, the extraction steam for process requirements in the paper and pulp industry is handledeffortlessly, even during low inlet pressure conditions, by Kessels Extraction Condensing Steam Turbines. This capability is made possible, by use ofstrong, heavy framesand wider & thicker blade roots, confirming theabilityof the turbine to accommodate extra volumes of steam without tripping, ensuring continuous power generation.
  • Rice
    Kessels Back Pressure Single Stage Steam Turbine and Multistage Bleed Condensing Steam Turbines form the back bone of a majority of small and large capacity Rice mills in India today.

    These specially designed machines particularly for rice mill applications offer the best, efficient and the most reliable solution in the entire industry for provision of steam for processing of rice at advancing stages. The engineering behind reliable generation of power along with provision of steam for process has been pioneered by Kessels, delivering the best possible solutions to the varying needs of the plant.
  • Distillery
    Kessels prides itself on the largest base of Steam Turbines installed in Distilleries in India today. The versatility and efficient nature of Kessels Multistage Back pressure Turbines provide the exhaust steam at the correct pressure and temperature for use in the critical processes in a distillery.

    Reliable, continuous, efficient and low maintenance operation of these Turbines is what keeps the top distilleries in India repeat their business with us on regular bases.
  • Petrochemicals
    Specially designed API 611 & API 612 Steam Turbines are at work in a respectable number of State owned oil refineries in India, and in a large number in the Middle East.

    The application of these Single Stage machines to drive critical equipment in a refinery, and Multi Stage machines to provide for standalone power call for the highest standards of engineering to ensure minimal downtime and optimize plant performance.
  • Edible Oil
    Kessels has, over the years, supplied and successfully installed Single and Multi stage Steam Turbines in their Back Pressure and Extraction Condensing modes to a growing number of companies in the Edible oil industry. These Turbines ensure rugged and reliable operation in generating power, while successfully providing steam for the various process requirements in the form of exhaust steam with a Back Pressure Turbine and in the form of extracted steam with a Condensing Turbine.

    The type and configuration of the steam turbine best suited to the plant's needs is analyzed and carefully studied by Kessels to make certain the optimal solution is delivered.
  • Fertilizers
    Kessels has supplied to some of the oldest state and privately owned fertilizer manufacturing companies in India. The strong rugged frame and efficient performance of our power generating Condensing Turbines make them the most desired machinery in the entire plant.

    The slow speeds and heavier frames of these Turbines ensure safer operation, longer maintenance free intervals, minimal downtime, continuous power generation and an operational life spanning decades.
  • Nuclear
    Kessels is the only Steam Turbine OEM in India in this power range to successfully supply and install a specially designed Steam Turbine for use in Heavy water application.

    From special steam path designs to special metallurgy employed, the production of Steam Turbines for Nuclear use require adherence to the strictest of quality and manufacturing norms in the industry.