Single Stage Steam Turbine

Kessels Single Stage Steam Turbines are economical and reliable mechanical drives for Pumps, Fans, Knives, Compressors and Generators. For last 2 decades our engineering staff has worked hard reviewing the customers/ Consultant requirements and their queries to meet the strict standards of API 611 and 612.

Our Steam Turbines are installed and running in various industries, and are well known for its performance even at very low pressure.

Our Single Stage Steam Turbines are available in more than 15 frame sizes and design options to meet steam conditions and application requirements up to 4,000 HP in single stage configurations.

Oil and gas Food processing, Chemical processing, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Paper, Sugar, Palm oil, Marine, Edible oil, Rice, Fertilizer

Pump drives, Fan drives, Mill drives, Generator drives, Compressor drives, knives, & Shredder drives

100 HP (75 kW) to 4,000 HP (3000KW)
Up to 17,000 RPM Pressures to 65 Kg /cm2 /925 Psig,
Temperatures to 460°C / 860°F

7 models, Horizontal (axial and radial split), Vertical , API 611- and 612-compliant, Overhung and between-the-bearings wheel designs, metallic or carbon seals, Electronic / Hydraulic Mechanical governors, Customized steam path components, Mechanical / Electronic safety trip system, Direct-drive or integral gear boxes with suitable lubrication systems.